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23-Jan-2016 14:43

In fact I have received a few other private emails from people in the past couple of weeks that had their Adsense accounts shut down. So, this isn't something I did, but I believe Google is getting MUCH more aggressive about shutting accounts down.

I would suspect that accounts with a high number of domains are at higher risk.

All of my sites still rank exactly where they were before in Google.

So, all I can say is that Google has obviously changed something on their end.

I'm not sure if it had to do with being to aggressive with my adsense layouts or other factors.

In fact, you have probably heard of lots of other reports of people getting the Google Adsense accounts closed as well.

Here are just a few others that have also recently had their Adsense accounts shut down: Zac Johnson Ghauer Chaudhry Eric @ My4and many others.For those of you unaware, I have been consistently averaging over k a month for the past year or so.